Customer-Driven Growth with Karen Young from Oui the People

Growing a brand is about more than just great products. It’s about finding your customers and building your business around their needs and hopes and individual stories. It’s about genuinely caring more than the store in the next tab over. So how do you make community priority #1 online? Kristen talks about building connections with influencers, harnessing email for retention, and a lot more with Karen Young from Oui the People. Bonus: how to survive a massive rebranding.

  • Here’s the email Kris references
  • Organically establishing authority by connecting to influencers
  • How to use email as a two-way channel
  • “The future of beauty is customer-led.”
  • How to turn Instagram into a CS platform
  • Taking up space in your branding
  • Nobody puts baby in the corner
  • Customer responses that make you curl up in a ball and ugly cry
  • “I don't need to reach millions of people right now. I need to reach like a hundred people.”
  • Tiny teams do big things by using automation and email flows to their full potential

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