Building a Business around Community (+ Launching an SMS Program) with Eric Bandholz of Beardbrand

Eric Bandholz bootstrapped Beardbrand from the very beginning all the way to their current place at the top of the male styling market. How? Well, for one thing, by creating a brand that focuses on storytelling and individual connections. Kristen and Eric dig deep into BB’s new SMS channel, how they've built word of mouth to nearly one fifth of acquisitions, and some amazing customer stories.

  • “The only way you can serve your community is to be involved in your community”
  • Launching SMS grooming advice for customers
  • Using organic content as a key growth driver
  • How word of mouth can drive 18% of sales
  • "Our products are a way for us to fund our mission"
  • Tying core values and mission into every part of the brand: freedom, hunger, trust
  • Educated customers know that your brand is worth choosing- but it takes more than just a note in the box
  • Being (one of) the face(s) of a brand
  • Inspiring customers to invest in themselves

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