How Glossier has Transformed the Customer Experience with Erin Miller

Glossier is a monolith in the online beauty business, and they’ve gotten there by building incredibly personalized connections with their customers. This episode of Playing for Keeps is all about the ways that brands can scale authentic relationships over time. Erin Miller, head of customer experience at Glossier, talks about great micro-interactions, taking a customer’s perspective in communication channels, and the connection between employee retention and customer retention. Plus: how to keep personalization from getting creepy.

  • How Glossier builds their customer support team gradually
  • The customer for a traditional beauty brand is a department store or Sephora- not the end user
  • “You can’t make a business out of selling a lipstick once”
  • The relationship with the customer is more valuable than the transaction
  • Don’t try to shape customer behavior to your channels- shape your channels to customer behavior
  • Rethinking engagement across an entire business
  • Every interaction doesn’t need to lead to a transaction
  • A couple amazing Glossier emails: and

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