The Most Important Equation in Retention (with Taylor Holiday)

As a managing partner at Common Thread Collective, Taylor Holiday builds and consults for a huge range of successful brands. CTC has figured out a game-changing equation to help brands manage their cash flow. This week’s episode is loaded with hard-hitting tactics from one of the top agencies in the DTC space. It’s a deep dive on the metrics that brands can use to better understand and serve their customers. Kristen and Taylor talk sustainable growth, parsing data, maximizing ad returns, and a data-driven approach to the customer journey.

  • Using CAC:LTV to build a better understanding of acquisition and retention
  • You can use cohorts to track more than time- and the results are amazing
  • Data shows you what, but not why
  • Retaining employees internally for better customer retention and a better company culture
  • “Are you trying to exploit the customers that you have, or are you genuinely interested in the experience that they’re having?”
  • Using 60-day customer value to realize profitability
  • Using a founder-centric approach for your Facebook ads
  • Understanding repeat purchase rates for specific products
  • Realizing that you’re winning when you think you’re losing
  • Taylor and Kohlman Verheyen explain CAC:LTV for one of their brands:

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