The new wave of sustainability in eCommerce with Corinne Watson

Eco-conscious business is a hot topic right now, but what does that really mean for DTC brands? How do businesses adopt sustainable practices and remain competitive in the market? As a writer and researcher for BigCommerce, Corinne Watson is all about understanding the ways that brands build sustainability into their processes. She and Kristen talk about the larger cultural and economic trends shaping the conversation right now, as well as simple, actionable steps brands can take to lower their footprint. Bonus: what changing demographics mean for the DTC space.

  • Want more from Corinne? Connect with her on Twitter (@corinnejuliette) and check out her work here:
  • How sustainability can become a retention tool
  • By the end of 2020, brands that don’t have sustainability programs in place are going to be differentiated- but not in a good way
  • DTC brands are much nimbler than large retailers and can pivot in new directions with a lot less work
  • Introducing eco-friendly initiatives gradually
  • Figuring out better approaches to shipping (and reducing return rates)
  • Sustainable practices can become a great source of user-generated content and organic conversation around your brand
  • Wait, but what’s greenwashing? 
  • Thriving in the upcoming shakeup of DTC brands

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