Turning Discomfort into Subscription Gold with MANSCAPED

The first thing most people notice about Manscaped is the brand’s amazing sense of humor. It didn’t come out of nowhere. They’ve built their business by making taboo topics feel comfortable and approachable, with some pretty astounding results. They’re also a fantastic example of subscription eCommerce done right. Kristen talks to Senior VP of Growth, Ben Acott, about the strategies they use to grow and sustain a subscription-first model. They also explore exclusivity as a sales driver, product iteration, and talk a whole lot about balls.

  • Gifting as a retention tool
  • Influencer photo shoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THbjh-sMvIY
  • Bold marketing and establishing trust
  • Making a subscription-first model work
  • Building giveaways around your hero product introduces customers to your broader product line
  • Lots of balls jokes
  • Combining product line with customer experience
  • Creating community around daily habits

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